Comfone AG

Warum hier arbeiten?

  • Working for Comfone also provides you with additional social and financial benefits enhancing your professional and personal development and your overall job satisfaction.
  • Comfone’s headquarters are easily accessible from the Bern city centre. Comfone offers a modern workplace with excellent facilities including a bistro that serves warm food and a salad buffet at lunch. Our bright and spacious offices make for a pleasant and comfortable work environment.
  • Working for Comfone will give you the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to future roaming innovations. As an equal opportunity employer Comfone offers excellent benefits, employee development opportunities and the possibility for a long-term working relationship.

Working for Comfone

We provide you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons through gaining experience in a global market, surrounding yourself in an international work environment and furthering your experience in a contemporary workplace.

With over twenty years of experience in the telecom industry providing mobile roaming services, Comfone has achieved significant success, steady growth and continues to expand its global customer base year after year.


Who we are

Comfone is 100% privately owned. Our Headquarters are based in Bern, Switzerland and we have regional offices in the USA, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Comfone proudly employs around 115 people from more than 40 different nationalities, speaking 32 languages. 

What is roaming?

Without getting too technical, international roaming services ensure that a mobile phone remains connected to a mobile network while the subscriber is abroad, or outside of the geographical coverage area of the home country network.

The mobile phone connects to a visited network (i.e. the network of a mobile operator in the visited country) which allows the subscriber to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS and data, or access other services while travelling abroad.

In order for a subscriber to use a visited network while abroad, both the home and visited networks need to exchange various types of information. To do this, multiple interconnections need to exist between the home network and the visited network.

Comfone enables all of the necessary interconnections between the two mobile network operators to ensure the necessary information can be exchanged.

There are over 900 mobile network operators worldwide and they all need to be connected to one another in order to offer roaming services to their subscribers.

Comfone enables the various interconnections from and to all of the mobile network operators worldwide.

How is Comfone different

Comfone is the only supplier in the roaming services market that offers all of the services required to establish international roaming between two mobile operators. This enables us to package all of the above elements together into one service, the Key2roam Platform.

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